Project Description

For tankers, aluminum tankers, water truck, powder tankers, cement mixers and other raw material tank with a mosaic sheet, plate width widened to about 10m.

Two welded workpieces are tightly pressed on the special shaping trough plate by the plane through the gas cylinder to drive a piano type pressing device and welded by a motor to drive a water cooled torch so that two plates are welded together. The welding line is welded on the single face and shaped on double faces; the welded plate is level; the welding lines on the front and back faces are burnished, level, beautiful and smooth; the straightness deviation full-length range of the welding line is not more than ±1.5 mm; the weld height of the front face is not more than 2 mm; the weld height of the back face is not more than 1 mm; the welding line is 8 to 12 mm in width.

The equipment comprises a bed body, a piano type pressing device, a track girder, a welding walking system, a location device, a gas circuit system, a back shaping base groove, a welding power source, a water cooling system, an exhaust and lighting system, a plate conveying device, an electric control system and a remote control device, etc.

Technical Parameter

Welding waySubmerged-arc welding or gas shielded welding  (customizable )
Welding length1000-13000mm  (customizable)
Welding base metalCarbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy
Pneumatic system pressure0.3-0.6MPa
Workpiece pressing wayPneumatic piano type pressing
Welding speed regulationStepless speed regulating
Welding speed50-800mm/min
Welding line effectSingle-face welding and dual-face shaping