Project Description

The mechanism for clamping the tank body so that the tank body is revolved and shifted implements the girth automatic welding of the tank body (or used in the rounded section tanker), accessory installation, internal alternate bay welding and external welding so as to ensure the welding quality and to improve the production efficiency. The positioner can be moved on the track, which is beneficial to the production line layout.

The equipment comprises a drive positioner, a driven positioner, an electric control box, a remote controller and so on and can regulate the speed through a transducer.

Technical Parameter

Rated bearing10T
Diameter of applicable tank body500-3200mm
Material of applicable tank bodyCarbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy
Revolving speed0-1.2r/min
Control wayRemote control and manual operation
Regulation of revolving speedstepless speed regulating