Template Rotary Machine

No Template Rotary Machine

Project Description

The equipment applies to blanking and automatic spinning of head and clapboard of liquid tanker with regular and irregular shapes. The equipment has two types: spinning machine with die and spinning machine without die.

Spinning machine with die can finish the blanking and edge spinning work of the head and two types of blanking methods can be used: plasma cutting and knife cutting. Plasma cutting applies to blanking of carbon steel and stainless steel head, while knife cutting applies to blanking of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy head.

For spinning machine without die, blanking shall be done firstly according to the section of the tanker and then spin the edge in the spinning machine.

Hydraulic motor is used as power for the spinning machine. Hydraulic pressure is flexible. At the small R arc, if the spinning force increased, the spinning speed will be reduced automatically, so the flatness of the processing surface of the head is very good and the equipment has a long service life. While processing the head, the chuck will ascend and descend automatically to keep the head level which will keep the rolls at the ends of the curved head parallel to the body of the cylinder.

The equipment consists of main spinning machine, pulley, hydraulic system, vacuum system, main cutting machine and so on.

For aluminum alloy tanker, because the elongation percentage of the material is low, if the internal arc R in the head is small, the head will be cracked easily while processing. Now new spinning machine with internal arc R of 40mm, spinning height of 70mm has been developed successfully. There is no equipment of similar type in China nowadays.

Technical Parameters

Maximum Diameter3000mm (customizable)
Minimum Diameter900mm
Minimum Radius of the Arc250mm
Cutting, Spinning Speed (line speed)0~4000m/min
Processed Material of Work PieceCarbon Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy
Processed Thickness of Work PieceCarbon steel ≤8mm, stainless steel≤6mm, aluminum and aluminum alloy ≤12mm
Hydraulic system pressure16MPa
Fixing Mode of Work PieceVacuum chuck
Power of Main Engine11KW