Product Description

The tank head dishing forming machine master cylinder piston rod with chilled nodular iron, cylinder by 35# forgings and 16Mn steel heat coil, the stroke to ensure making diameter 3200mm elliptical head.

pressure drum machine the main bed stiffness should be enough, with 10 years, when the up-die pressure reached 20MPa, beam (unilateral) center around degree shall not exceed 1.8mm (deformation f=Δ/L=1/2500), control machine bearing load is not less than 5 tons.

Provide 5 sets of pressure drum moulds R600, R900, R1200, R1500, R1700, materials use high quality ductile iron, steel seal.

with automatic operation, manual operation function, the pressure has the pressure gauge, can be adjusted.

Technical Parameter

Main cylinder-Tons400T
Max work press25MPa
Column spacing4400mm
Main power55KW