Project Description

Puzzle for food tanker and tank closure weld seam compaction polishing. This equipment will weld Roller Compacted device and polishing apparatus is mounted on a track with walking, while Roller Compacted and polishing, Roller Compacted powered by hydraulic trolley by servo motor, hydraulic cylinder ends open, easy to tank after rolling set into the body, to facilitate tank closure weld Roller Compacted and polishing, polishing machine with dust removal system, dust generated during the absorption finish.

Equipment by the hydraulic system, the press, the ends open device, rolling polishing system, dust removal system, electrical control system.

Technical Parameter

ProjectTechnical parameter
Roller Compacted and polishing length8-11000mm (customizable)
Hydraulic system working pressure31.5Mpa
Roller Compacted and polishing speed1~5m/min  stepless adjustable
Dust recoveredDust removal system
Electric controlPLC
Overall power15KW