Gantry Automatic Welding

Aluminum Vertical Girth TIG Automatic Welding

Project Description

The equipment applies to automatic welding of girth and longitudinal seam in the cylinder of the carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy tanker with square, round and irregular shaped sections. The moving of welding torch, the rotation of the tank and the angle of the torch are numerical controlled to ensure the welding trolley moving straightly with even pace on the surface of work piece. The rotation signal of tank will be collected by a rotary encoder and will be processed by the numerical control system to control the automatic rotation speed of positioner and the travelling speed of the welding trolley and to ensure a constant welding speed when the rotation angle and speed of the work piece changed. The equipment is controlled through the touch screen, so the operations are simple and the formation of welding seam fine with reliable quality and high production

The equipment consists of traveler gantry, ascending and descending operation platform with touch screen, power source for welding, welding seam tracking system,electrical control system and tank positioner.

Technical Parameters

Welding ModeSubmerged Arc Welding or Gas Shielded Arc Welding (customizable)
Length of Line16000mm  (customizable)
Maximum Rotary Diameter3000mm
Welding MaterialsCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy
Thickness of the Welding Materials3-12㎜
Width of the Welding Seam5-12mm
Operation ModeTouch Screen
Adjustment of Welding PaceVariable adjustment
Shape WeldingNumerical Control
Welding Speed200-800mm/min