Process Flow

Bottom plate on line → Installation after the limit, fixed after the protection / vertical support and tailstock to strengthen the angle → Installation of hanger, pump, drive shaft, manual valve and alignment → hoisting sub-frame, fastening U-bolt components → drill Connection plate hole → install the connecting plate bolts → install side protection → hoisting large car → install welding on the turning seat, balance block → install the fender, rear lock, rear protection → installation side lights, paste reflective logo → detection off line


Using a single row of floor chain conveyor, the chassis line after the lock cylinder, lifting the chassis brake, the chassis can be unilateral walking.

According to the different objects of each process assembly, the layout of the process of material storage rack and other equipment, by the demand side to their own layout.

The foundation of the floor chain is made by the purchaser according to the drawings of the supplier, and the foundation quality of the foundation must be ensured.