Project Description

The equipment is used for shaping tank truck head. The flat is tightly pressed on the platform by utilizing a hydraulic oil cylinder and a blank pressing die; the flat becomes butterfly-shaped through adding water to the same by a high-pressure pump; the hydraulic oil cylinder can be fast moved in the track in the production process in order to adapt the heads having the different sections. The equipment employs an accumulator and a pressure relay to jointly pressurize in order to reduce the energy consumption and can automatically unload after reaching the set system pressure and automatically build the pressure when the pressure is less than the set system pressure; the equipment can save 30% of energy in comparison of the normal hydraulic system. (The product has gained the National Invention Patent: a plate pressing mechanism of plate shaping machine ZL 2007 2 0130977.0; a novel plate shaping machine ZL 2007 2 0130975.1; and a pressing ring of plate shaping machine ZL2007 2 0130976.6).

The equipment comprises a high-low pressure hydraulic system, a water overflowing pressure system, a pressing machine, a workpiece lifting device, a workpiece in-out mobile car, an electric control system, etc.

Technical Parameter

Diameter of expanded head850~3000mm
Sagitta of expanded head≥200mm
Expanding materialQ235A; SUS304; aluminum and aluminum alloy
The maximum expanding head thickness10 mm of Q235A; 8 mm of SUS304; 12 mm of aluminum and aluminum alloy
The maximum working pressure of hydraulic system31.5Mpa
The maximum overall pressure1500 T
The maximum working pressure of hydraulic system11Mpa
Pressurizing wayAccumulator and pressure relay
Expanding mediumClear water or saponified fluid
Expanding medium recycling methodPneumatic recovery; recycling
Pressing oil cylinder number24
Section regulationFast regulating by ratchet wrench
Electric controlPLC
Overall power30KW
Suitable section shapeRounded, oval, square and octagonal