Product Description

Germany Style T-Shaped Flanging Machine

The pressure of the inclined cylinder, the clamp pressure must have a pressure gauge, adjustable. Vertical cylinder adjustable speed. Hydraulic station has the pressure gauge, the pressure can be adjusted.

The pressure wheel one (installed on the axis), and quenching treatment HRC50.

Forming wheel total 13 pcs, which are R30、R50、R80、R100、R150、R200、R250、R300、R350、R400、R450. Materials QT600-3 adopt the high quality nodular cast iron, seal, and after quenching. So the forming wheel has good Wear resistance and the dish cap will be bright after spinning head.

Clamping the cylinder to ensure normal use.

The strength of screw nut: wear resistance must be ZHA166-6-3-2 (aluminum brass), that is 9-4 copper.

Technical Parameter

Max machining thicknessQ235B 16mm
Min machining thicknessStainless 2mm
Max Pull edge RR450mm
Min Pull edge RR30mm
Max elliptical head diameter DD=3200mm
Min elliptical head diameter DD=850mm
Shaping wheel diameterD=160mm / 42GrMo
Rotational power of forming wheelN=32KW/26KW

double speed