Project Description

The equipment applies to automatic welding of girth covers of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy tankers (circular section and special-shaped section). Carbon steel tank will travel with a magnetic trolley that will be attached to the tank directly through the magnetic power. The automatic welding operation is easy and will not be limited by space and station.

The equipment consists of a travelling magnetic trailer, a traveler gantry and a positioner.

Technical Parameter

Welding modeGas shielded arc welding
The minimum arc radius300mm
Welding materialsCarbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum
thickness of welding materials3-12㎜
Weld width5-12mm
adjustment of Welding paceVariable adjustment
Welding speed100-800mm/min
Torch adjustment methodAutomatically adjust up and down, left and right electrically adjustable