Project Description

The device is used for automatically welding opposite sides of trailer longitudinal beam and I-shaped steel.

The submerged arc automatic welding plane employs the track and cantilever dual-car structure; two welding tractors drive the submerged arc torch to walk on the track; the walking car is driven by a gear rack; the device can steadily weld and finish the weld of two welding lines at a time. Two welding tractors are walked on the same track girder, which saves the production field and enlarges the operation space and is convenient for the longitudinal beam to transport in and out and convenient for operating; therefore, the variable cross-section beam dual-torch submerged arc automatic welding plane is the most advanced longitudinal beam welding plane at home and abroad. The plane employs the flexible and automatic copying tracking technique for the variable cross-section beam so as to automatically track and weld, immediately; when welding at position of the variable cross-section, the position of the torch cannot be regulated.

Owing to adopting the PLC programmable control technique and the micro electronic technique, the variable cross-section beam dual-torch submerged arc automatic welding plane has characteristics of beautiful welding line shape, credible quality, high production efficiency and simple and convenient operation. The device can be randomly moved in absence of manufacturing the ground track foundation.

The submerged arc automatic welding plane comprises track girder, welding walking car, torch electric cross adjusting system, control system, automatic tracking device, flux recycling device, submerged-arc welding power source, etc.

Technical Parameter

Welding powerCustomizable
Welding car walking wayGear rack-type
Welding materialCarbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel
Thickness of welding material6mm~40mm
Effective welding width200-800mm
Effective welding length16000 mm (customizable)
Overall air driving speed5000 mm/min
Welding speed200mm/min -1000mm/min
Welding speed regulationStepless speed regulating
Torch position regulating wayAutomatic tracking
Welding wire diameter3.2  4 mm
Head vertical displacement260mm
Head cross displacement500mm
Flux putting and recycling waysAutomatic
Flux hopper volume50Kg