Project Description

The equipment can be used with automatic plate tailor welding machine as a complete set to overturn the tailored steel plate. The vane machine not only can overturn the steel plate but also can be used as a shelf to keep the plate. Overturning the steel plates automatically with the hydraulic pressure vane machine is fast and safe. After being overturned, the chains will send the tailored plate to the bending machine automatically for rolling which makes the work become more convenient.

The equipment is controlled by hydraulic pressure with high operability. The operations are simple and easy. The two sides of the machine will hold the work piece tightly and then overturn it for 180°. The equipment consists of overturning rack, overturning saddle, hydraulic pressure system, oil cylinder, chain conveyor, feed blocking device and electrical control system.

Technical Parameters

Reversing PowerHydraulic drive
Reversing Angle of Work Piece180°
Unilateral Rotation Angle0-105°
Size of Steel Plate Reversible13000X9000Xt3~10mm (customizable)
Conveyance Mode of Work PiecePower-driven
Hydraulic system pressure31.5MPa
Overall power11KW